Side Stand Bolts too tight XR650R

Hi all

Have any of you had problems getting the side stand bolts out, I'm trying to get to the swingarm bearings to get them greased. I've broken two two hex keys and just bought a set of socket ones to use. I stripped the inside of the bolts head trying to undo it with them. I only use quality tools and I definitely used the right size. I'm not surprised though as I was damn near standing on the wrench to get it undone. It never moved.....I was wishing it'd be as loose as the kickstart bolt.

I'll probably drill it out or something when I have some spare time, but I was wondering if this is a common thing?

It seems to be a stupid bolt to use if it has to be that tight! :banghead:

I suspect if they were that tight that they were loc tighted in position or that electrolisis occured. Either way lots of heat may have been the answer. Now that you have stipped the the allen head, drilling and a large easy out with lots of heat may break it loose.

yes, Id agree with the electrolosys or corrosion idea ... heat it up good, let it cool completely, repeat a few times, and go for it ... put new bolt in with anti-seize on threads ... Ive gotten to where i use that stuff almost everywhere

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