Fullest coverage skid plate?

Who offers the fullest coverage skid plate? Im leaning towards the White Bros or Devol one because I can get a discount on either one of these. Im sure the E Line carbon skids are nice,and offer good coverage but im not interested in carbon fiber plates at this time. I have read on this site that the K style skid is really thin. Does Enduro Engineering, Flatland racing or W.E.R make a skidplate? Im looking for a plate that offers good strength and coverage for desert and rocky trails.

I use the W.E.R. skid plate - it works great. Unless your looking for a snow shovel, I would recommend the W.E.R.

It is light, provides all the protection you could ever need, is reasonably priced and looks great.

Make sure you get the newest model however. It has a nifty hole cut in the bottom so you can change the oil without having to remove the skidplate (older models can easily be modified).

On that note... make this your second priority! You should be changing your oil often, and having to remove the skid plate everytime is a pain in the ass and will certainly wear out the threads in the frame unless you are very careful everytime.

I bought an MSR for my 520. It has two holes on the bottom, one for the screen and one for the plug. It fit well and is tough. ( I've tested it! :) )

I see you're a D-37 guy, I live just a few miles from Wagon Wheel, the MSR has the coverage for riding in the rocks.

I liked it so well I bought one for my wife's 200 MXC. :D

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Devol skid plates are the only way to go. I put one on my 01 520 and I have to say if I didn't have a skid plate as protective as the Devol I would be broke trying to fix my bike.

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