Burning my foot

I ride a 04 450 mostly in the trails and I am noticing that after a period of time in the sattel that my right heel of my foot is burning from the exhaust. I was wonder if frame guards will help this or if any body else is having this problem. I ride on the balls of my feet and have a size 12 boot. Help please because when the burning starts I find myself not squeezing my bike the way I should which inturn is leading to sloppy riding.

Header wrap. it means the world man. got mine and yes its a pain in the but to install but once its on it works dreams. I wear free style pants the kind that stay outside the boots and i get a whole in them everytime i ride. Not anymore. Plus its not as expensive as frame guards...

Find a powder coating shop that does ceramic coatings too...much more durable that wraps and zero issues with the headers breaking down because of the extra heat.

I called MCR (Matt Crown Racing) he said that because it is a stock exhaust which is titanium it would make it brittle withe the ceramic coating good thoughts though keep them coming because I got a rode this weekend.

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