Enduro Engineering Tall SOFT Seat Kit For Sale

I installed a EE tall soft foam seat and cover on my 520 EXC. Looked and felt great but made the bike too tall for me. I have since installed a standard height soft foam and cover.

Tall seat cover and foam are in excellent shape two rides only for sale $50US.

e-mail me if interested.


I would like to buy this from you if you pay the shipping to Britich Columbia, Canada. Let me know.

e-mail me at bluebook@silk.net or phone 250-861-5737


Clark - what do you think of the standard height soft foam? Does it make a long sit down ride tolerable? I have tried drilling holes in my stock foam but it is still pretty much a brick. I don't think I would like the tall foam either as I think it would feel awkward in the tight stuff.

Thanks - Mathew

I'll buy it. Email me at gregg436@cs.com.

Clarke: check your private e-mails in the "my profile" section on the top right hand section of your screen. Thanks.



No offence to Big Bruce, but I was the FIRST one to respond to your "AD". I put my response in your private mail because you did not post your E-mail address and I thought this forum would automatically alert you when you got on this site. I haven't heard from you (I left you my E-mail address as well as my phone #) so I assume it does not do that. At any rate, like my message says, I'm interested, AND, I'll pay shipping! LOL


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