Anyone using titanium bolts/parts on their 520?

I'd like to drop the weight of my '02 MX/C down closer to an SX, if that's possible without removing the electric start. I already swapped the tank and the silencer, and I also pulled off the kickstand and the kickstarter.

I found one company of the web that sells titanium axles and bolts, but they don't specify the weight savings.


I'd be happy to sell the stock silencer.

What do you think it's worth?

I believe I paid about $279 for the Pro Circuit T-4. My stock one has only one ride on it, but I have a small dent in the middle inside from a fall. However, the flow is not impeded and it didn't make it any louder.

After I got the dent, I noticed that a lot of the pictures of 520s in Dirt Bike and Motocross action show the test bikes with the exact same dent. In particular, you can see it in the pictures for Motocross Action's test of the 2001 MX/C.

Call me crazy, but I think your refering to the dent that is already on the muffler from the factory to to clear the rear break caliper?

NLJUSTIN is correct, the dent is from the factory for caliper clearance.

Tall Man, I sent you a message.

Wow...and I thought I put the dent in there from biting it big time on a slippery downhill!

Too funny....

Tallman, your stock silencer should have the same dent.

Man you must fall alot.


DOH!! You already meant the stock silencer....call me dumb. :)

HEY MODERATORS......I'd like to be able to edit my posts!!!!!!!! :D

Can’t help on the titanium, but are you considering putting the stock silencer up for sale?

You can save over 4 lbs with a titanium exhaust system. It will lighten your wallet 1050.00 also. It will not have a spark arrestor though.

Just swapping the OEM silencer to a FMF or any aftermarket will save you weight. You may have done this already.

just come off a dr400z to a ktm 400 and you guys want to make it lighter with titanium??

buy my suzuki for a week and u will never worry about the ktm's "bulk" again



Titanium alloys are 60% the weight of steel. You would probably only lose a couple of pounds (if that) by replacing with Ti. Those would be some very expensive pounds!


I read somewhere that just the change from the stock muffler to a T-4 was worth about 3 pounds.

At about $125 a pound that's a pretty good deal and you get some extra performance. The Ti stuff has a high "cool factor" but it's sure big $$$$.

I wonder what the weight difference one of the new FMF Ti systems vs. stock vs. the T-4 slip-on would be?

Anybody know the approximate value of a stock MX/C spark arrestor with only one ride on it?

I got an offer from Johnny that sounds pretty good, but I just wanted to find out if they are highly valued for some reason.

It's your call, but I haven't seen any demand for them, not like the MXC tanks! If he offered a fair price... :) The only thought I'd have is, you may want to hang on to it for resale with the bike....


Still waiting.......have you changed your mind on selling the silencer? Could you please let me know so I can make other arrangements.


Sorry about that. I tried to reply to your email on here a few days ago, but I must have done it wrong. If you're going to pick it up from me in southern cal or cover the shipping, then you've got a deal.

Email me directly at clarksix8@aol.com

Sorry again about the delay.

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