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Clarke + IMS - I like it

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Installed a Clarke clear tank and IMS seat last week and got to try it this weekend. Overall I am very happy with the money spent.

The seat does provide for better handling by allowing weight farther forward, but the best thing for me is that it is SOFTER than my stock 98 WR seat. It is not XR soft, but at least gives some. My WR seat did not seem to give at all - especially in the back where you cant even dent it with your fingers! Fairly short ride but very rocky and had to sit near the back for traction - my butt is thanking me and I think this will really increase the fun factor on a long ride.

The tank is very quality looking and fit up nicely. This is my first clear tank - and it has me wondering why all bikes don't come with clear tanks ... what a neat feature.

Can't wait for this weekend to get some more time in on this combo!



98 WR400F, YZ'd cam, YZ muffler

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