How to buy a jacket from KTM?

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to buy a KTM jacket off the main KTM web site? They have some cool jackets up there, but I don't see any way to buy one. I don't even see any online stores with the same stuff that I see on the main KTM web site. I found one in Germany, but I can't read most of the words. Any help would be appreciated...

Thanks, Robert

You can call someone at the Austrian headquarters or call one of the US distribution centers.

It might even be easier to start at your local dealer.

(KTM really needs to work on their website - the available information is terribly poor)


If you need help give me a call. The jacket you want may be only available in Europe but we'll see.

Hi !

You can order it in Germany

Send them a mail they speak english

From KTM Austria direct it is not possible .

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Sommer KTM is a fine source but unfortunately they don't accept VISA or MasterCard, which is a big drawbwck for international sales. I would recommend STEGA Racing ( formerly Stephan's Garage KTM. They speak English, ship almost immediately, and have an excellent track record with overseas customers. I have seen most of the 2002 product line and the Rallye jacket is really unbeleivable! All prices are posted to the internet site but you should remember that international customers don't have to pay the 16% value added tax!

do you have a link for viewing the jacket


OK Winter is here and I don't have my KTM jacket. :) I have sent email to most of the sites in Germany that you guys have recommended. Thanks a bunch... But I still can't order one yet. I have asked these guys to come to this site and give us some info as to how to buy products from their web sites. I am looking to buy the "KTM Race Jacket GP1". Hope they respond soon, it is getting cold here in Colorado. Thanks again, Robert

Here is a link to the jacket:

follow the shop link, then the jacken link....

Here's how to get to the information for STEGA Racing....

first: access the website

second: select 'shop' from the top underlined link bar

third: select 'KTM-Powerwear 2002' from the drop down window at the bottom of the page

fourth: select 'Racing Equipment' from the second drop down menu that appears to the right of the first window.

All products are posted with pricing in Euro and DM and inclusive of the VAT so to determine the actual price deduct 13% from the price and then you can use the CNN online currency converter to check the exchange rate.

Finally, the best way to place the order is to call and speak with Stephan or his wife Annja who both speak very good English. That way he can give you the shipping cost and take care of the credit card details at the same time.

Ok The jacket is on the way... And many other items... Thanks to all that helped. Here is how to get this stuff. You have to call because the web sites will not be in english until the end of December.

Team Stega-Racing

follow the shop link, then at the bottom of the page select the KTM Power Wear 2000, then select

"Racing Equipment" in the option menu to your right. Use CNN's exchange rate to convert Euro to US dollars. This will give you the price.

Talk to Anja, she is nice and speaks good english.

Call 011-49-6241-44758 or 011-49-6241-417037

STEGA Racing

Ludwig-Lange Strasse 7

67547 Worms


Thanks for your help John... :D

Another place to check prices and find friendly people is at I don't have their phone number but here is Baumi's email

address and he can help you also.

"Franz Baumschlager" <>

Baumi's web site actually shows the back of the jacket. Great site.... Not sure if he plans an english version

Mike Kruger of Cycle Zone KTM may be able to help you also. But it seems that most of this stock has not made it to the US yet.

Topeka, KS

866-843-7433 toll free

I have found that the prices are reasonable and you don't have to pay the taxes that are included in the price of most web sites. But the shipping can get expensive. But that won't stop all you KTM riders that have big bucks...

Thanks to all,


PS Here is another site.

I have not ordered anything thru them so I don't know if they except Visa. But give it a shot. All items are on one page so that makes it nice. Still no English site found yet. :)

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can you give me their bussiness hours

Hey guys,

I am going to place an order with Stephan @ for clothing & other misc items. If any of you are interested in anything let me know & I'll add it to the order.

STEGA Racings hours of operation are:

1000-1900 Tues-Fri

1000-1400 Sat

Closed Sun-Mon

Hope I don't get anyone PO'ed.....



The jacket this thread about is the new 2002 European KTM rallye jacket (GP 1) ....the one you are bidding on is not the same thing (by a long shot)! Check out the German sites to see for yourself, one is a proper purpose-made rallye race jacket and the other a nice windbreaker.

Ahhhh. OK, I just assumed it was a winter jacket.

I'm not bidding on it...I got enough coats. Not gonna turn into a guy coat collector when I complain about my fiance always needing yet another pair of shoes. (You'd think eventually they would have EVERY kind there was.....) :)

Hi Chris,

Nice jacket! But like John said I was looking for a race jacket. I have to ride with layers on, so I can shed as I shred. :D Just kidding I tread lightly :) But thanks for the input. I hadn't seen that winter coat before. It doesn't look that heavy though.



Hi All,

I got the GP1 jacket. It is great for these mild winter days we're having this year. I don't like the zipper on the left side, but I'll get used to it. And the European collar takes some getting used to also. But I liked it once I'm on the trail. The large will fit over a large Fox breast protector. This jacket is well worth it...

Merry Christmas to all,


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