xr600r DS questions

I had a bad leg injury in Jan. '04 and ended up selling my 520 then. Since then I've had a couple of more surgeries on the leg, but think it's behind me now and I'm getting the itch to be on 2 wheels with a motor again, but am going to limit it to dual sport. Plus think it will be cheaper than a psychiatrist, which I close to needing if I don't ride again soon.

I don't know much about the XRs, but have a found a couple of used 600s that I am thinking about and would like some input from xr riders as to maintanence, when and what to rebuild at what intervals and how they work onroad. What is parts availability like since Honda doesn't make it anymore - does it share anything with the 650 R or 650L?

Thanks, Ron

quite a few of the XR650L parts interchange with the 600, although not all ... I doubt if much of anything on the 650R would swap, its WAY different ...

I forgot to mention ... aftermarket parts, as well as factory parts, can be found behind every tree ... one of the most dependable engines ever made, too ... start it, run the hell out of it, and give it to your grandchildren ... it wont let you down :banghead:

Thanks RC! Think my financial manager (wife) will let me get one too - sounds like what I need.

Yeah, I've only had one other bike besides a Honda XR, and that was a WR 400 I had for a month. Fork seals blew out 3 times in which I had it, so it was gone. The Honda XR is one, if not THE most reliable bike ever made. Honda's attention to quality is all over the bike, and even more so when you tear the bike apart. After market parts as easy to find, and so are OEM parts. The best place I've found to get OEM parts is servicehonda.com. They're not really fast in delivery, but the money saved it well worth it. Plus, they have microfiche online so you can find your parts no prob.

I love my plated XR600. If you come across a 650R for a good price, grab it. Otherwise get yourself a 600 and enjoy. I saw a shirt or sticker once that said, "Notice you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist's office?"

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