Who has the highest mileage XR650L?

28,000 trouble-free miles... 2005 XR650L

22,000 on my 1987 xl600 still going strong one rebuild at 14k

12500 on my 94, no problems

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1428917549.028338.jpg

'90 NX done about 80 000km,, bit rattly, g'box notchy,, still fires into life and rides good.

My brother and I bought our 2008 with 700 miles on it. I set it up and he put 20,000 miles on going from Oregon to TDF and back up to Buenos Aires. Then I got it and it's life got really hard. I got to 30,000 miles before I lost the top end. Had the motor rebuilt with a bunch of goodies, 101mm 10.5 cr piston, 2nd and 5th gear swap, kickstarter, new eom head and cam, FCR carb, PC4 Exhaust, Suspension work, and a healthy diet.  At 36,000 the frame just had to many cracks to keep going, not just in the usual two spot on the rear of the subframe but everywhere. The bike was literally ripping in half. I broke my foot going off backwards in a 2nd gear wheelie, pulled the motor in a garage, pulled the motor in my apartment parking lot, got pulled over twice, one ticket, had three first dates, a couple of camping trips, filled up one out of gas truck, filled a couple of out gas bikes, raced one enduro, and a lot more memories with the old beast. I hate doing it but I am slowly parting it out. It was a great bike. 

Bought my 2014 XR650L in March of that year.  Today I have 6300 miles.  Love to explore the back roads in my area!

My 93 had 36,000 when I bought it but it smoked like hell. Rings had around .150" end gap, valves were pretty deep so I put on another head, cam, cylinder and piston. Minor CS wear.

I got 36,000 on my 05 650l no problems yet. On and off road.

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