Leaking fork fix on 99 400sxc??

Hello All on this forum.

I am posting for a friend who has a problem with his forks on his 99 400 sxc.

The forks are WP conventionals and they continue to leak oil. He has sent them to our local dealer - twice. Both times they have been returned supposedly "fixed". After only a short blast through the bush, he has found oil leaking out of each fork.

He has had the seals replaced, and dust caps stuffed with grease.

Could it be that there is a nick on the fork leg, thus causing the leak? I think that is doubtful considering it is happening to both forks.

Could it be that the mechanics are incompetent? Possibly.

My friend is sick of this problem and just wants the bike ready to ride.

I am open to suggestions from anyone who has had this type of problem before and the method used to fix it or from anyone who has worked on their suspension with some ideas for a fix.

Cheers and thanks in advance.


Forks leaking after a short blast through the bush !!??

I'd take them back to the shop that did them in the first place.

The only right way to do the job is a COMPLETE teardown and cleaning. If a "dump and flush" is done, you can expect problems.

Take Care, John

WP 50mm coventionals are known leakers. In '98-'99 we had had brand new bikes leaking on the showroon floor!

When we install seals in those forks (& those only) we shorten the springs that are on the seals. They will unscrew & you can cut 10mm off them & screw them back together. Don't cut the tapered end.

Also we highly recommend running fork boots on conventional WP & Marz. forks.

At any rate they shouldn't be leaking that soon. Maybe the technician is putting too much oil in them?

Thanks KTMMike and John,

There is definitely a problem with the forks. When he trailered his bike to my place this weekend, his engine case and frame was splattered with oil! He was using a fork brace with only 20 mm of compression used to tie them down.

Thanks for the responces. I'll print out your spring shortening suggestion which will hopefully provide a fix.

Keep it on the back wheel.


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