04 Wr450 Carb Problems

Theres your problem, you need air to be able to come into your tank or no more fuel :banghead:

Or did I misunderstand you?

Air into the tank is not the problem. I've tried it with the cap off and every other variation. With no check valve in the vent line, it is no different than running just a plain tube off the top of the gas cap. It is not going to affect how it runs.

I just spent my lunch time at a motorcycle shop and it looks like I need to switch gears and start looking at electrical issues. They agreed with me that if the accelerator pump is pumping fuel into the carb out of the float bowl, then fuel is more than likely not the issue. Because even the small amount of fuel being sprayed in the carb should be more than enough to keep it running.

So tonight I'll tackle the electrical and see what I come up with.

Well, like I said before it looked like I needed to shift gears and start looking in the electrical department. I checked all connections and didn't really come up with anything so I loaded the bike up and took it by my buddies shop for him to check it out. He tested the stator and it came back fine and then he tested the coil and got some mixed results. I'm not exactly sure of the particulars but it tested way lower on the ohm meter than it should have...which was the only problem he found.

I actually found one in stock at a local dealer for about $82.00 out the door. I popped it on and the bike started on the second kick. I ran it for about 10 minutes, stopping it and restarting it every so often to make sure it wasn't some kind of fluke and it wasn't, the bike seems to run fine. :banghead::applause:

Hopefully my struggles :lol: might help out one of you in the future.

Thanks for the responses,


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