Need Canadian dealer name please

does anyone know the name and/or number of a good ktm dealer in Ontario, Canada? thanks in advance!

I got my 520 EXC in Oshawa, ON at Oshawa Cycle. It was my first and only experience with them, however, I got a good price. Also, Steve, (could be the owner) gave me his home phone #, in case I got to the shop late to pick up my bike. Canadians are so nice sometimes. I wish some of that hospitality would cross the border.

I don't have a lot of experience with them, but I would buy my next KTM from them.

Oshawa Cycle

1348 Taunton Rd East


My dealer is Woody's Cycles at 613-267-6861. He's in Perth which is south west of Ottawa, great guy.

By the way, he's got 200 acres of trails and hosts a Nat. harescrable on site! Gotta love it!!!


Holeshot Racing is the place to buy your bikes. They are just north of Guelf in Orangeville. I buy all my bikes and parts from there. Ask for Dave at 1-877-940-1108. They are good people to deal with!

What do you want to buy from them? Parts or a bike? If you are going to keep the bike in Canada and not export it, call Helmut Clasen at Clasen Motors in Dundas ONT. All he does is KTM, no Jap bikes at all. He wont sell you a bike if you plan on taking it back to the USA. He has been a KTM dealer for 20 years and stocks more parts than anyone else in Canada. He knows the bikes very well and does enduro only, no MX. He can be a bit of a "different" fellow but no one else in Ont supports the off-road community like him. He has competed in several ISDEs and knows how important it is to get your bike back ASAP. Cycle Improvements are decent guys who know their stuff also but lean towards the MX stuff vs. enduro. CI is the Canadian Dist of MX-Tech also. You wont go wrong with either guys.

I reccommend Cycle Improvements also....

How many bike shop do you know that have a state of the art 55 grand dyno in the shop ??!! :)

James Hunt is the owner and VERY dedicated....

Take care, John

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