ok ive seen the light

hi been on the drz side for a while and i finally took the plunge and shelled out £xxx

for a ktm400exc

is there anything i should look out for?

reliability issues etc?

the dr has never let me down over a hard year of enduros and trail riding

any tips for a newbie

any other ktm ridders near manchester?

by the way i hope to add some ktm exploits to my helmet cam footage soon,,,,"expect it to be blurred

Welcome! :-)

Once you go e-start you're spoiled for life!

Get that first oil change done on time and keep checking for loose nuts and bolts. :D

You're going to love it! :)

Buy either a heim bearing housing guard from E-Rider or glue a piece of rubber/foam where the mudflap ridge rubs against the bearing housing, or even yet, take a grinder and grind off the ridge of the mudflag that rubs against the bearing housing. If you don't you will have a nice hacksaw groove worn in your bearing housing and those swingarms are very expensive to replace.

Good luck.

First and foremost - expect to be a very happy KTM owner. There is a lot joy of in owning such a fine piece of machinery. I've spent many evenings just staring at my KTM!

Secondly, be prepared to do a lot of oil changes and general maintenance. It is important to keep the motor flowing with clean oil. You must also be vigilant to loose bolts, buts, etc...

Before your first ride, I recommend taking off all of the external bolts that hold on the plastic, guards, etc... greasing them amd tightening them snug.

I don't know what the deal is with the "Heim" bearing, but I haven't seen any wear in mine. I took preventative measures and put some nifty air conditioning tape on it to take the brunt of the wear.

You will enjoy your KTM! That much is for sure.

im just having sooo much fun on this thing

thank god the weekend is here !

One thing I missed at first was the comp adjuster knob on the shock was backwards before '02. Also beware not to overtighten the chain. It needs to be looser than you may think.

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