Aftermarket WR450 heat shield for Dr. D

Who makes an aftermarket header heat shield for an 05 WR450? I have a Dr. D. exhaust and is smoking my pants. I would prefer a carbon fiber shield. Any suggestions?

May I add in on heat issues and the WR450.

I have an 04' WR450 that I ride every day here in Cambodia. It is very humid and hot here most of the time. A cool day is in the mid 80s' and normal is mid 90s' to 110. I have experimented with these mods and am now pleased with the results.

After burning pants and legs on the header too many times, I tried wrapping my exhaust system from the front of the header to where my White Bros E2 attaches. I used 2" wrap from Summers Racing. After applying the wrap to my header, I spiraled stainless steel safety wire around the pipe to keep it in place. the insulation factor worked great. But, the wrap material is a loose weave and easily shredded on bamboo thorns, rocks, and even the power washer.

Next step, I re-wrapped my system with the insulation layer. Then used 2" wide Kevlar material wrapped over the insulation layer. On top of this I used a slightly larger guage SS wire, spiraled down the pipe to keep everything tight and tidy. This I did to both the header pipe, and the pipe section that connects the header and the muffler.

I can ride my bike with shorts to the market, no heat problems. There is also very little heat conducting to the radiator, the carb, or fuel tank. The muffler gets hotter, and the subframe harms up a bit, but everything important stays cool, and the yellow kevlar color is cool too!

I have yet to overheat my bike. High ambient temps, slow going in the jungle with plenty of mud and sand slogging, rock gardens and other fun stuff that would cause boil overs normally. But I have none.

I replaced my radiator cap with a higher pressure model. I also changed out the OEM water pump impeller for a higher capacity Boyesen unit.

I installed a set of Works Connection Rad guards before my first ride. Better safe than sorry. Then I ventured into the jungle. One day I had a sharp bamboo stick penetrate my Thor Chect protector 1/2 inch at the sternum. It took me a few seconds to break my momentum once I realized I was being speared :-0 Saved by THOR! I won't go into the jungle without THOR now.

An hour later my radiator nearly suffered the same fate. ASAP I ordered and installed a Rooster brand front Rad guard. I was a bit concerned with possible overheating due to reduced air flow through the Rooster unit. I have had NO problems with exess heat, no punji stakes through radiator, or personal parts either. (Praise God)

I now purchase my header wrap materials through <>

If someone desires pics or other details, feel free to email at

Thanks. Got one on order.

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