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helmet cam

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Hi Dirtbike,

That’s a pretty cool camera setup you have. The only problem I see is that it doesn’t take advantage of the image stabilizer that is built into the camera. Road/street recording is a whole lot different than on the track/trail. I work in a post production house and have been able to use one of the “Discreet” products to stabilize some track footage, but I don’t think many here would be willing to pay $400/hr for this (me included).

Is there any way around this?

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As I'm living here in Germany, I created my own system.

I used a nice CCD module (around $100) and a small microphone with amplifier electronics ($12).

CCD is mounted to the helmet, microphone stays in the backpack (no wind noises but still impressive engine/exhaust sounds!).

And a camcorder remote control on the left or right arm to start/stop the recording.

The only thing you have worry about while recording riding scenes is:

*Keep you head as steady as possible for a longer time and if necessary move your head slowly to the left/right. Otherwise it's hard to following the coverage when showing on your home tv.

Not using the camcorders internal stablelizer functions is not a problem.

I have tons of coverage in my tape archive from 2001, but have to use the winter season starting next month to cut the material into useful and interesting clips. I'm also planning to make some AVIs out of it and put it into the web.

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