tire questions

What about trials tires. I would like to give thema try, but the cost is prohibitive. Someone mentioned a place to buy used tires from racers who change them much earlier than I do. Hwere is that and how do I contact them. Thanks for any help.

Its funny to hear someone mention trials tires.. I ran a trials tire on the rear of my KTM 525 and it was the best thing I ever did; it was perfect for rocky terrain. With the exception of the real sandy stuff, i never had a single complaint exceot that I couldnt wear it out. 739's will last me about 2 rides if Im lucky. The best tire I have found(after trying many) is probably the Maxxis IT. Good luck.


I don't know if I can buy another Dunlop tire. The stock tires were so poor (especially the front) on my wr450 that the experience kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.

Sure, I'd be willing to try those tires on someone else's bike, but there's no way I'd be willing to spend the money on them without having tested them first. That front tire can go :banghead: kill it's :banghead: self.

I fully agree! the first thing I did was throw the front tyre away, after a few wash outs. I tried to make the front tyre work, even running down to 6 psi.

I have always been a fan of dunlop's, they dont seem to chunk or shread even if you ride on the road.

Everyone around my town rides Kenda calsbad or melville. both chunk and dont wear even at all. This is all the local tyre shop sells. I get my tyres freighted in.

With the Dunlop 952's, I feel like I am going heaps quicker (going from a worn Dunlop 606 dot tyre!) and grip is sensational both ends! I ride alot of mixed terrain, mainly int - hard pack.

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