wr450 Radiator gaurds ???

:banghead::applause: After crashing this weekend and landing on a very large rock, I seem to have damaged my right radiator. (no leaks-just twisted and squzzzzed in 1/2 in) Just got through reading alot of information regards to radiator gaurds and now I'm more confused than when I started. :lol: So does anyone have any additional information? Also looking for 05 wr450 right side radiator.

If the radiator isn't leaking, you may be able to straighten it. Mine was twisted in every direction and I got it back pretty close. I went right out and bought a set of radiator guards so it wouldn't happen again; and it hasn't. I went with Flatlands guards, no complaints, but lots of people like the Unabiker guards too. They look strong, available in the TT store. Installation was a snap for me, only had to trim the back of the radiator shrouds. It took less than 5 minutes.

Get your rad repaired, then install UNIBIKERS, from here on TT. They are awesome. Just dont try to install them with a bent radiator, it doesnt work so good. :banghead:

Please define "bent". my radiator was/is bent but i straightened it up pretty well. would any deformation at all qualify as "bent"? Also, is it worth it to replace your handlebars or just straighten them out, in otherwords, are there unbendable handlebars within reason of course.

You can straighten bars, but I would not advise it. Straightening will just weaken them further and they may break next time rather than just bend. Either ride them bent, or replace them. Anything is better than the stock bars, they are junk. As for the rad being bent, if you take the warp out of it you should have minimal problems getting your guards and braces to fit. If it is really crushed from the side, you could have a slight problem getting the holes to line up, but you can always drill new holes and bend the shrouds a little to make them fit. If you aren't concerned about appearance. Otherwise, you can take it to a local rad shop and see if they can straighten the core, or send it off to Mylers and have them do it. Hope this helps.


Thanks for advise guys........ I'll buy some good guards (unibiker, like the upper and lower supports) and attempt to remove the twist ever so carefully and try to avoid tearing the the bottom support bracket even more. (weld as necessary) As far as the core damage, looks funny but no leaks..........Isn't that way they designed radiator guards, to cover those bent-damage cores ????

As far as the core damage, looks funny but no leaks..........Isn't that way they designed radiator guards, to cover those bent-damage cores ????

Actually they are made to prevent this type of damage. But if it isn't leaking and you can get the holes to line up I would say run it. Witht he guards on there you shouldn't have any more trouble. Hope this helps.


My advice would be this: if the holes dont line up fairly easily, then the rad is bent too much. I tried to force my Unibikers on a bent rad and just created a leak, and I was at my buddies ranch 100 miles from nowhere at the time. :applause: Almost ruined a whole weekend of riding, however we got the leak slowed good enough to ride. Try the rad you know is straight, then do the bent one. If you have to pry too much, just spend the 20-30 bucks and have it straightend. As for the bars, go with Pro Taper or Renthal Twinwalls. I have had both and both are great. I like the Twinwalls alittle better, but they are more money. You will be more than happy with either one, and I doubt you will ever bend either one. Good luck. :banghead:

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