KTM LC4 vs XR650L

Out of town on business and noted at a intersection today a KTM LC4 - pretty trick looking bike! I am thinkin' my XR650L is no match for it correct?


i would concquere er how ever u spell it

an uncorked LC4 640 is about 55 hp. And the uncorking is as easy and cheap as the one for the L so like the L they are probably almost all uncorked....

the KTM will outperform the Honda in most every way .... except reliability, durability, and parts availibility when you're stranded somewhere ... nobody matches the Honda in those categories .. :banghead:

What's the LC4 weigh?


I have three friends that sold near new LC4s and bought XR650Rs for dual sport work. I think the 450/525 EXCs, XR650Rs, and XR400s, where you can get plated are tuff to beat in the gnarlies. In more all around work I would stick with either the 650L or KLR650 depending on use. I just don't see any advantages for the LC4s any more.

I have both. An '04 KTM 625 SMC Supermoto. It has a race cam and a full exhaust. It will smoke my XR650L. There is no comparison. The LC4 is also fairly bulletproof.

Yup all pretty much what I thought! the KTM outta the box is a way cool bike and looks to be VERY off road capable! still I will stick with my 05 650L - I am becoming very tempted to complete the uncorking process and proceed with the carb mods, airbox snorkle removal and a aftermarket pipe, but .... will I really note a BIG difference ? for right now all I have done is install a Uni air filter and removed the smog stuff...

Doing carb mods (drilling & rejetting) makes a big difference in throttle response. It's a pretty easy mod. Do it!

"I think the 450/525 EXCs, XR650Rs, and XR400s, where you can get plated are tuff to beat in the gnarlies." --> I agree if you can dual sport these then they eleminate the need to buy L and LC4

I have a 2002 XR650L and I know a guy who has a KTM 640 Adventure R. I was talking to him on a ride one day and said he should be able to smoke me pretty badly and he said that he had his bike on a dyno and it was in the low 40's. He had done the uncorking mods to his bike too.

those bikes are sweet though, strong and great suspension.

It literally takes minutes to do the carb mod and you will be amazed. Do it.

It all depends on what level rider you are. Sure a poor rider might find it easier to perform better on the ktm, but if you practice and get better the XRL might not be so bad.

the LC4 vibrates like a paint shaker at home depot

If I do the carb mods do I have to also do the pipe?

You can keep the stock pipe with the mods.. 55/158 jets are for stock pipe..

OKay on you guys recommendation I think I may take the plunge and do the carb mods.... however the Baja Designs advertisement for the dyno jet carb kit says to expect a 5% increase in power..that's it? I would expect by enrichening the carb with the needle and clip position change, drill the slide and jets that it would run cooler, smoother and provide a little more power, but only 5%?

I wouldnt hazard a guess on % power increase, it really improves the bike, though ... DON'T buy the DynaJet Kit ... ( I did, and it runs fine, BUT its way over-priced, not worth it ) ... just go to a Honda dealer and buy the Keihin jets, you'll save a bundle ...


Do daves mods and be done with it . My 04XR650L came unglued after all the mods were done. I am running a Supertrapp IDS2 (Quiet Tip) with 12 disks and only 4k miles I am very happy and still learning. You will notice your legs on fire when you ride your stock bike but not after uncorking the BRP (Big Red Pig) With bigger jets your bike runs much cooler and has better throttle responce, Mine pulls hard in all the gears. I like you never imagined how it could get better but it does. Honda made em run lean for emisions standards and once you get it done you wonder how you ever lived without it. This is my fourth big lunged honda and it runs better than any bike I've ever owned and all were purchased brand new. I would guess a 15 % power increase on mine.Go to www.fourstrokes.com and read on,check out the pictures and print Daves mods and learn how to do it. I had a shop install mine for 80 bucks :banghead: !! I would of never even done it if it were not for the great people that were more than willing to help. This web site rules also.


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