KTM LC4 vs XR650L

the KTM will outperform the Honda in most every way .... except reliability, durability, and parts availibility when you're stranded somewhere ... nobody matches the Honda in those categories .. :banghead:

a men to that brother.

One more area: KTMs are ugly.

Out of town on business and noted at a intersection today a KTM LC4 - pretty trick looking bike! I am thinkin' my XR650L is no match for it correct?

NO COMPARISON! I've ridden both, the LC4 has WAY more power. Vibrates like a mofo though.

Reliability of the LC4 motor is no greater or less than the Honda, oil changes are a little more complex, valve adjustments are a bit more frequent, but the bike isn't any more or less reliable than a Honda. Dealers are fewer and farther in between than Honda though.

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