OK for those of you who were thinking about making a trip up (or down) to Montrose PA for a ride....

We were planning on going the day after thanksgiving, but my one cousin cannot go unless it's Saturday. SO, currently, we are looking at going up on Saturday Nov. 24th. Along will be..

My uncle Scott - '86 CR500 or I think a '73 360 Maico.

My Uncle Bill - '94 CR500

Cousin Travis - '88 YZ125

One of his friends - New 125 or '83 XR600

My dad - '00 YZ426

Me - '01 520SX

My little brother was going to ride my dad's '94 YZ250, but the crank went 2 weeks ago, and we have not had time to fix it. He may come along, and putz on my TTR90, to get some pictures or video for us :)

Thats a good crew there, let alone if we can get MORE!!

Time is not set yet, but it is a 3 hour drive for us. We would probably leave around , and try to be riding by 10:00. I will post an update, in this topic, with a definite time, by Wednesday I hope. Pending no rain or snow, it should be quite nice up there. Weather channel is predicting low 50's I believe!!


Im racing on Sunday so Im not sure if I will make it Saturday, but a few of my friends were talking about going up. If they go I guess I would have to. Ill also let you know later in the week.


Eh, it seems Friday is not working out too well. My uncle had something come up with a realtor, so he cannot go. MY cousin is going to pick up a new bike on Friday as well. Right now, it definitely stands that Saturday is the day we would go, assuming the weather doesn't get crappy, as it seems it is going to do.

I guess it all depends on the rain/snow now.

Figures....2 months of not a drop of rain, now the one day we try to plan something, it's gotta rain/snow.


OK, looks like right now, the weather has turned to mostly sunny and near 60 for Saturday in Montrose!!

At current, we have 10 people, and we would like to leave here around 7 am, putting us there around 10, to start riding by 10:30.

We still have to contact a few of the people, and nothing is super final yet (grr :) ), but that's the way it's looking. However, with 10 people, something is BOUND to get screwed up!

I will post tomorrow mid afternoon (I hope) on the definites.

Well, figures, we're not going to be heading up. We're gonna stick around here and ride at Rausch. It just figures, ovar a month of talking about going up, and the day before, someone decides they dont' want to. Oh well. Mabey next year sometime, they open in April again!


I'm curiouse, what is in Montrose for riding?

MX track, woods course, ATV park???????

Reason for my question, I have realatives that live in Rush/Lawton which is an abutting town to Montrose, and I frequently visit them. If there is riding I just may have to load up the 520 the next time I head down there. Thanx.


Click This.

They are closed right now, but will open in April. It's a track, a good, fun big track.

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