Paddle tire

Getting ready to head to the dunes and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for what paddle tire to buy for a 520 EXC.

I took my 520 to Glamis a few weeks ago and although I have the SX model, I would imagine both bikes would perform the same. My bikes geared down one tooth for the track so I put the stock gearing back on (give a little more top end and extra clearance for the paddle tire). The tire was an 8 paddle stamped with “THE HOOKER” made by “SKAT TRAX”.

Oh yea, and you’ll be amazed how well your bike does. This was the first time I took mine to the dunes and it ran unbelievable. The week after, I took it on a pretty technical loop at Gorman and it just flew. Then you consider how good it goes on the track, which makes three very different riding situations in one month with nothing more than changing a main jet & tire. These bikes are incredible! For what it’s worth, I went two sizes richer on the main and it ran great in the 95-degree temps (it’s usually jet for 3,500 ft).

Have fun, wish I was going.

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