Maxxis 6001 Front Tire

Any one out there ever used a Maxxis C6001 on the front of thier WR ? The rocks out here in the wild west chew up stock Dunlop 739FAs in just a few rides. I run a Maxxis IT on the rear. It doesn't chunk or file down easy. The C6001 3.25x21 looks beefy for slamming local bookcliffs, 6 ply to boot. :banghead:

Any suggestions... :applause:

My bro is running an IT up front. I took it on one very rocky ride. I was very very impressed :applause: . I dont think you would be disapointed. I know nothing about the 6001 :banghead:

$44 can't be beat either....

i've heard they are a quick ticket to horizontal,but it was just heresay :banghead: they are antiquated, that much i know.

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