Engine Flush ideas anyone ?

In a matter of hours I will be the proud owner of a brand new 02 400 EXC. I have 2 problems though. 1) Can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. 2) The bike has been shipped with garden variety, motorcar gear oil in the motor. It's a massively long and boring story as to why this has happened so lets skip it. What I do know is the motor has NOT been run at all with the stuff in it. My questions, 1) Will it be safe to run the motor to warm the oil and assist draining ? 2) Should I flush the motor after draining and what's the best way to do this ? 3) Am I being paranoid ? Just seems like I'm slapping my new born babies butt and then sticking a cigarette in it's mouth for it's first breath of air. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Drain the oil, refill with a sheap engine oil, warm up, ride around the block, drain again and fill with good quality oil (full synth 10W50or 5W50)

By the waydon't worry, you're not paranoid.....you yust bought a new bike!!!!!!!!!


Do not run the engine with gear lube in it.Use a haet lamp or heat gun to warm the bottom of the engine.I would drain the oil then refill with regular 4 stroke motorcycle oil,let warm up then drain oil again.Replace the filters,fill with regular 4 stroke oil,warm up, then drain oil again.Then add a semi-synth oil. Do not run full synth oil till the bike is broke in.

Thanks for the input so far. Got the bike last night and she's a beaut ! It's a full Euro restricted spec so there's lots of work to be done. Anyone have experience with Shell Ultra 4 oils. My owners manual refers to it throughout and theres even a Shell decal kit. Makes no mention of running semi-synth first though

i was waiting for something like this to come up. I've spent a bit of time over at www.oilanalysis.com and have found that Shell isn't really the best oil to use. KTM recommend it, and so do Ferrari, so it isn't bad. There are just some others that are better, discovered through research and testing.

The general opinion by the members over at oilanalysis suggests that Amsoil is the leader in engine protection. Amsoil claim extremely long drain periods (sometimes 20,000kms or more) with their product, and analysis has proven this to be a totally valid claim. They protect from wear better than almost all other brands. Its top stuff.

Mobil 1 is the next favourite and is just as good as the Amsoil stuff, only Mobil does not suggest its oil is suitable for long drain periods. From what i have read, i doubt that you are interested in long drain periods. Most automotive/bike lovers drain their oil well before its due, just so they feel better about their machine. Nothing wrong with that, except from an enviromental point of view. There are others, such as Redline, and Motul (another favourite), but Amsoil and Mobil are the two most talked about. They each have their own fan club (sort of). May i be bold and suggest you stay away from Shell, Pennzoil and Castrol (especially their synthetic, it isn't what it claims to be). That is all that i will say about those brands.

If you do chose to use Amsoil, Mobil 1, or any other brand for that matter, please use the motorcycle specific oil. These are compatible with wet clutch systems, and normal automotive oil can cause problems when shifting, especially true, full synthetics. For example, many people use Mobil 1 in their bikes (automotive), but Mobil also makes Mobil 1 4T Racing, and MX4T. Both are full synthetic and motorcycle specific (wet clutch compatible). Thats what i use.

It is important to use a mineral base oil during the running in period (many may argure, its my opinion) and if you are taking it easy, then there shouldn't be a reason why you couldn't use a dino oil. I like to do around 600 miles before making the switch to a full synthetic. Since the bike is new, there shouldn't be a problem when making the transition. Older engines may suffer problems, and require a flush with a suitable engine cleaner before making the switch. I wouldn't be using one of those cleaners in a brand new engine.

If i were you, i would just dump the oil (heating sounds good with a hair drier, but thats getting a bit paranoid i think, especially since the first oil change should be after the first ride), and use a mid priced mineral based oil. Shell, Castrol, Mobil, whatever as long as its MC specific. You won't be keeping it long, as you should change it after your first ride, then every 100 miles or so. From memory, i think i did 5 mineral oil changes in 600 miles before going to a synthetic. Don't worry for a second about the gear oil in your bike. I remember reading that some folks chose to fill their bikes with gear oil during long storage periods, because of its slow moving viscosity and corrosion protection. Is that what has happened in your case?

Thanks for the comprehensive input DOC. I reckon I'm going to warm her up round the block, drain, change filter and then run good quality, motorcycle mineral for 300-500 miles. I'll switch to Motul ( always ran my KDX 200 on Motul 800 2 stroke- I'm a fully paid up member of the fan club ! ) full synth after that because it's readily available on our side of the Southern hemisphere. Doc, do you get the 'governed' EXC spec in Aus. My bike is completely road kitted but it couldn't pull a soapy stick out of a dog's ass because of the restrictor plate and throttle stop. I have another post on TT looking for advice on how to switch her to the 'alter ego'

Hey man I have a '00 520 EXC and a '02 520 SX. everyone I have ever talked to that ran the full on synthetic stuff had trouble with clutch slippage. I run Rotella T made by Shell in my bikes. I think it is 15W40. This oil meets or exceeds all of the rating and grade requirements in the manual plus it is the same oil I run in my desiel Ford Super Duty. I change filters and check screens about every 3-4 oil changes. I drain the oil and fill with fresh about every 3 rides. On top of this the oil only cost about 5 bucks a gallon. I have never had any problems or issues at all. I never miss shifts etc. Besides this I just ride the crap out of both bikes. My opinion on the whole deal is if you change the oil every 3 rides or so things will be cool.

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