2005 fork compression valve change?

I Just finished four XR650R suspensions and one of the bikes (Dana the Wildkat Fire Guy) has a new 2005 bike. The valves on his new bike are different from 2000~2004 bikes! Has there been a change on something on the BRP???!!!!! On all bikes that I have done 2004 and older have had compression port holes of 2.64 +/- .01mm but his had holes much smaller at 1.96mm +/- .02mm. That is a big difference. I did not check the rebound ports on the rebound valve because I don't port those to be bigger. (I drill the Compression valves out on most XR650R's to 3.64mm) The shim stacks where the same as other years but, the valve holes were smaller to slow the forks down. The fluid was different also. Nore green. His forks are new so there wasn't any whale snot and no rust. The other forks I have done were just like most XR650R forks, full of whale and rusted rebound rods.

Well anyways the smaller holes in the valve would make the forks hydrolic sooner on a big sharp hit and wouldn't be much fun for someone who realy pushes the bike. Sure wouldn't be nice to hit something sharp. I don't know if this was a fluke but, both compression valves had the small holes.


do most people that do suspension drill those holes out to larger size?

I'm just wondering because I'm trying to figure out the best route to go with the suspension revalve that needs to occur sometime in the next three months.

No, I am sure not all shops do this but, a lot do. It's a lot cheaper then Gold Valve that RaceTech sells. Lindemann Engineering drill there valves out and so do I. The larger port holes allow the fluid to bend the shims better. You have to run a stiffer shim stack to make up for it. Gives a much plusher ride. Softer small fast hit that stops bottoming on the big hits. I run a lighter fluid also.


It's funny that you should say that because I have a new 2005 bike. Now I'm no expert, in fact, I only ever put auto trans fluid in my forks years ago and it seemed to work. I don't think forks really worked then anyway other than they went up and down.

I have recently got back into to dirt bikes and I have found my forks to be very harsh over small sharp stuff. Not having ridden dirt for years, and now quite a bit older I just accepted it, especially since you guys all seem to think the forks are quite good.

I have changed the fluid like you said, but found nothing like whale snot in mine. The oil stunk like whale snot, but seemed rather fluid?? I also backed off the compression clickers to max soft and still find it jars my wrists, after reading your post however I think I'm not on a level playing field with you guys if Mr Honda has been messing with my valves and not telling.

I might add that it goes through smooth whoops and over jumps rather better than I remember, but my last serious dirt bike was a CR480R.

For what the bike is pushed as by Honda (Baja winning bike) they (Honda) sure do a cheap job on the suspension. The springs are for a 160~170 pound trail rider. I think that putting smaller holes in the compression valve is for the bigger riders outside of Japan and is a cheap way to fix the soft forks for the big bellied, over forty, American riders. It's not even a good band-aid. Maybe this is a fluke? Next 2005 I get I'll check it close. Anyway you dice it, the suspension needs to be done for any serious riding.

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