Any new XR600's left


It's probably an extreme longshot but would anyone know if there are any new XR600R's still around in dealers in far off reaches of the planet? :banghead:


it might be possible. or some 600s that have been bought and not ridden very much. must have been a good bike, I never see very many for sale.

New? It's been 5 years since they were made, so as you said it's a long shot, but every now & then you run into one that was too much bike for the original purchaser, and it just got parked & forgotten. So, look around, they are out there. We found an '85 that was essentially new for $1500 (right here on TT), and I considered that a great deal. They are great bikes!

I dont know if motorcycle dealers are set up to do it, but new car dealers have the ability to do a search for specific cars, I just did exactly that to buy a new Civic ... ask your local Honda dealer for help :banghead:

Thanks guys, I have asked my dealer to do a search so we'll see!

XR's are bulletproof. "You don' need no steenkin' new bike." :banghead: Just find a well maintained example. They are out there in abundance if you look.

When men were men.... and opened the car door for the girls.


I know man i still miss mine...

Better bike than the 650.

well in some ways.

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