Ordering some Dunlop 755IT tires. $53 rear and $52 fron with free shipping. I do a lot of east coast trail riding. Not a lot of soft stuff.

Good choice??

Good price??


I recently replaced the 739F junk that came on my 250F with a 755 front. If your conditions in NH are anything like I think they are this time of year (saturated ground, wet leaves, and a bunch of mud) you will love the tire. It absolutely sticks like glue in those conditions.

Where did you find free shipping?

I found free shipping at www.cyclehouse.com

Thay said they have been around for a year doing mostly street bikes. They are just breaking into dirt bikes. Not all the pages work. They are making some changes and it may be another month until the site is up and running. They said price includes shipping on tires,.

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Good prices and I'm looking to replace my tires soon. I can't get the site to load. Is there an email addy...telephone number....or an advertisement in one of the dirt bike magazines?


The number is 1-954-964-4100.

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