Oil leaking

Hi there everyone, i just need to know this.

I have a 99 YZ400 and it was in the garage for 8 month and yesterday I toke it for a Little ride, it started fist kick everything was correct, but after a few minutes it was stooped it leaked some oil from the vent hose, it was gray, is that normal or should I worry?.

Thanks every one in advance

Smell any coolant in the oil?

A bike that sits for that long is bound to get moisture in crankcase and when you mix that with oil, it comes out white. That hose is the valve cover breather hose and not unusual to see oil come out with a little white foam in it if you ride in humid or wet conditions. I would change the oil and ride it some more. Does the oil in the bike have any white foam in it? If it does then you may have a coolant leak, maybe the water pump seal.

I would just change the oil, check the antifreeze level and then ride the bike. Stop once in a while to check the condition of the oil and antifreeze level (careful, it'll be hot). Your bike is most likely fine, just built up condensation.

Yeah Thanks guys it must be that, I LL change the oil, no coolant smell on it.


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