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Need Parts for a 1982 KLX 250

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I was given what I was told was a 1982 KLX 250 but I am having trouble finding any record of a KLX 250 in that year. I am a former Hare Scramble rider that has been off of the dirt for 10 years now. I have still been riding but only on the street since that time. I am looking into getting back into riding dirt and Hare Scrambles and have every intention of buying a late model KLX 300 this spring at some point. In the meantime a friend of mine gave me this 1982 KLX just to play around with. Problem being is that it is in dire need of a piston and bore job because it smokes like a freight train. I cannot find a listing through any of the aftermarket companies for piston kits for this bike. I know that this was the same motor that Kawasaki put in the KL and the KLT but I am having no luck there either. Bike Bandit lists an oversized piston is still available from Kawasaki so I might be able to go that route assuming that one can be found. Do any of you know of a good source for parts for some of these older bikes or am I just SOL? I am also need of some non-motor items for it so if any one knows of a good source, new or used, let me know. I'm really not interested in spending a bunch of money or time on this bike seeing as how I plan to replace it next spring. It would be nice to have something to play around on until then and possibly have a "spare" dirt bike around for others to ride. Also, is there a internet based VIN search that anyone knows about so I can verify the year of this bike? Thanks

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Kawi didn't make a KLX250 in '82....

They did make the old style KLX in '79 and '80.... they are the same both years.

There is a thread around here somewhere where replacement parts are listed, but here is a brief summary -

The whole top end is the same as the KLT250 up until around '85. Cylinder, piston, head are interchangeable. Some of the '85's have an improved head in that the big end of the cam rides in a ball bearing - the older ones had the cam riding directly on the aluminum head, so if you ran it low on oil - look out!!!!

I think the top end is also the same as a street bike from that era - not sure off hand. Try the KL250....

Also the KLT200 top end would swap, but now you'd have a 200, not a 250!!!

Stock gearing is 14/46.... use these numbers in place of xx below...

The front sprocket is the same as -

KDX 200 '89-'05

KLX250 '94-'96

KLX300 '97-'05

KX250 '87-'98

KX500 '87-'04

Sunstar P/N 315xx

PBI P/N 445-xx

The rear sprocket is the same as -

KX125 A '80, A '81, C '84

KDX175A '80-'82

KDX200A '83-'85

KDX250B '83-'84

KX250 '83-'84

KX500 '84

Sunstar P/N 16K24/50 50 tooth only

PBI P/N 4155-50 50 tooth only

Brakes -

Rear (std size) Vesrah P/N VBS409 or Emgo P/N M42053

Rear (oversize for if your drum is worn) Vesrah VBS223 or Emgo M27250

Front (std size) Vesrah P/N VBS408

Front (oversize) Vesrah P/N VBS311

Oil Filter - Vesrah P/N VSF4002 or Emgo P/N M300

Swingarm bearings - TA2030Z

Swingarm bearing seals - 19mm ID x 27mm OD x 6mm Width

Swingarm bushings.... stock are junk. Need to be 50mm long, center - 20mm OD, 15mm ID, ends - shouldered to 19mm OD, 10mm wide on each end.

Clutch plates - same as Mach III, H-1, or KH500 Vesrah P/N VC425

Clutch springs - Vesrah P/N SK406

also used on -

KLT250 A1/A2/C1 '82/'82/'83

KL250 A1/A1A/A3/A4/C1 '78-'81,'83

KZ250 C1 CSD '82, D1/S2 '80 '81

KLT200 A1/A2/A3/A4/AA '81-'83

KLT200 B1/C1 '93

Valve stem seals - Vesrah P/N 8158

Intake Valve - Kawasaki P/N 12004-1006, Vesrah P/N 11-3029

also used in '80-'81, '83-'84 KL250

Exhaust Valve - Kawasaki P/N 12005-1005, Vesrah P/N 11-3030

also used in '80-'81, '83-'84 KL250

Valve keepers - Vesrah P/N 8401

Cam Chain - Vesrah P/N CC90

also used on -

KLT250 '82-'85

KLT200 '80-'84

KEF300 '95-'03

KLX300/4x4 '86-'05

KVF300/4x4 '99-'02

Head gasket - Kawasaki P/N 11004-1295

also used on -

KL250 A1...A5

KZ250 W1

KZ250 D/L1/C series

KLT250 P1/A series/C series

KLT200 B1/C series

Air Filter - P/N 11013-1022

I've used an aftermarket one... Uni Filter NU2326ST works is but a tight fit.

The stock shocks are 18" long.... you need to know this when looking for replacements.

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Hi, I live here in Ks. and have been trying to gather up a couple of these old klx's to try and vintage race. If you ever want to sell your's let me know.

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Hi, do you know where to get any of these hop up parts for these old klx's? Powroll doesn't sell anything anymore.

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I might be interested in selling everything. I have quite a few spares for it too. There is the bike itself (which I have decided is a 1980 model) that is complete but the motor is out of it at the moment. I also have 3 extra motors all in need of pistons, two with spun cam bearings but all of them have good bottom ends and tranny's. (Two of them are from a KLT 3 wheeler) and an extra set of wheels that are off of a KL model. If someone is interested in buying everything then I would part with it.

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I have 3 old the old ones, and 1 new version ('94).

One of the old ones had a bad head - as you put it a spun bearing.

I caught it quickly enough that the cam lobes were OK, just the head was worn where the big end of the cam rode on it. I found a camshaft bearing from a car engine that was the same size (or slightly smaller) as the big end of the cam. This car bearing was installed in a machined out head, and then the big end of the cam was ground down to fit the bearing.

This was one way to fix the head/cam problem. The bearing material is tougher than the aluminum of the head so should prevent further problems.

The oil to lube the bearing/head comes through the cam, not fed directly from the head so you don't have to worry about aligning oil holes. :banghead:

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