help XR650R streetable project. light, subframe


have worked on my XR650R to get ready for tagging, but I'm not happy with way lights came out and want to redo.

if you know part numbers/brandnames/source for any help with this:

- need good LED tail/brakelight instead of the weenie bulb type I have now

- need a headlamp that can be rigidly mounted somehow. the flimsy one on there now is the typical rubber-band approach, very difficult to get the beam useful, and it isn't too bright, which brings up the stator question:

- what's the best swap-core stator? source? link? help??

- Planning on using DualStar mirrors. if you have an opinion, pls say

- turn signals: would like fork-mounted durable turn signals for front, and something very small/close-to-fender for rear. have no clue which way to go on this. Really admire the signals on the Suzuki DRZ-S model. Something of that caliber would be the bomb

I"m trying to fix this bike in such a way that it can be ridden ANYwhere, long stretches on pavement if the need arises, but ridden safely [driver notwithstanding!!]



Check out the Baja Designs quick release kit. It has all you need and more.

I'm new to the forum, but let me help out. Go to They have many options for LED's that don't draw many amps (miiliamps actually). I got a 1.25" square with 40+ led's that acts as my stop light and running light. It all fits under the stock XR650R tail lamp cover. It take some wiring re-do and a little bracket fabrication, but well within everyone's means.


i am looking at the boynack site [which i had previously bookmarked] but do not understand the page cited, at all. hate to admit such desperate ignorance but it makex no sense to me


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