New 02 520 MXC

I just put a deposit on a 02 520MXC. Choose the MXC since it has a happy button, and 6 gears. Plan to use the bike for mostly general trail riding and a few vet class MX races.

I would like to solicit feedback from other RFS owners as to the anticipated reliability, performance, and undocumented maintenance procedures that should be observed.

I have previosly owned and rode mostly 2 stokes (97 Honda CR 125 and 89 CR 500 both gone) and ride/race vintage mx bikes.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You'll like it fine stock for trail riding.

For MX you'll want to get a narrow tank of some sort - IMS / Clarke / EXC. The MXC tank bruised both my needs the first time it raced MX on it, your knees hit the tank everytime you stick a leg foward in a turn. You need to be very...very forward to help the front stick, I know a lot of guys that have gone to 18mm triple clamps. Including some guy they call "Dowdy" :)

The motor rips but is easy to ride. It'll pull any gear, I think I could ride Glen Helen in 3rd without shifting!

Get an oil change on it early, I did mine after about an hour of easy riding. Also be sure to not OVER TIGHTEN THE CHAIN. Chains need to be on the loose side of the adjustment range.

Have Fun, You're going to love it! :D

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