CDI or Ignition switch

Has anyone ever had one of these fail on their 650L?

I currently have no spark. My coil and Pulse generator are within there resistance ranges and so far I have not found any shorts.

I am just wondering if the ignition switch could fail but still activate power to the head lights, indicator lights and the sarter circuit. or is it an all in one deal?



CDIs do sometimes fail on these. So does the resistor in the coil wire.

Its tough to troubleshoot this stuff without a schematic, I think someone posted one here, and over at 4strokes . com

A little searching should turn one up.


Thanks Dave

I just talked with one of the techs down at Brothers powersports in Bremerton. He kinda gave me the same answer. He did say that the ignition switch either works or it doesn't and since mine is turning everything else (lights, starter etc) its safe to say it is providing continuity for the ignition side of the CDI.

The question, as he saw it, was whether or not the Stator was producing the voltage AC neccesary and or whether the CDI was rectifying it. He said that he tests these voltages by using a peak voltage tester which analyzes voltage over time not instantaneous grabs like a fluke 77 multimeter. He told me to take my manual and test the resistance values for the stator and then to check if it is producing any voltage at all. But guess what my aftermarket 650l Manual doesn't contain .....the afore mentioned specs.....

So I guess I am back to square one. Guess Ill poke around like you suggested.


My CDI failed on my '02 XR-L the year before last. It was really weird when it went bad--it wouldn't start after riding it to work. Even weirder was that the inductive hourmeter/tach I have on it would start reading false RPM's at the same point each day on my route to work, which just happened to be under some powerlines. Initially I figured it was just interference from the powerlines until it finally left me stranded for good. A new CDI cured the problem.

Try wiggling the CDI wires or tapping on the CDI while cranking.

when i had a L the kick stand safety switch messed with me once. took me a while to figure it out. :banghead:

Well gentlemen

Crisis averted! :applause:

I found a chafed wire leading away from the cdi. As soon as I moved it/saw it I gave the spark test another try and wonderbar :banghead:

I tapped it up good and am going to have a 2M friend solder and splice to replace the very slightly chafed wire. Ill get some pictures posted soon


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