Bike Arrived Today!!!!!!

Hooray, my 520EXC arrived today just in time for Tday week-end! :) It doesn't get any better than this! :D

Yes it does. Go ride it and you'll see.

Hey Paul you traitor, have on your new bike just keep the body on the bike and wheels on the ground

:) unlike RetSenior :D Bring along extra bandaids and tape to fix your blister on that thumb :D

Ride Often & Ride Safe

Paul, other than the skid plate and hand guards is if you ride in rocks one of these are a must and your set.


Cool, I'll order the shark fin. what kind of skid plate are you using. I went down to the shop today and they had aluminum and plastic(composit). I got the composit because it was lighter than the aluminum. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks, Paul.

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Paul they are all good from what I hear, just different. Like all parts it's all a preference thing. I liked the E-LiNE carbon fiber skid plate.


Paul that was a good ride at stonyford on t/d your new KTM worked good,I,AM thinking, monty JR said it looked good when he put it together, nice workmanship and ever thing fit like it was made for the bike not a after thought.and it worked good in the rain and snow, that e-botton was nice when it stalled on that uphill in the tree roots and snow.Good ride paul.


Monty, go for it man. You won't be dissappointed. I feel it just needs a little lower gearing like we have on our WRs and a stablizer and it will be totally sweet. I couldn't believe how much lighter it felt than the WR. Wow! I'll call you this week. Later, Paul :)

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