Can i ground wire's to the frame?

I need to know if the stock 650r coil or stator is grounded, or is it a floating one? Becuase it would be alot easier if i could just ground the different lights to the frame. Anyone know for sure?

Why don't you try checking the resistance between the light ground and the frame with and without the engine running?

because i'm not very good when it come's to electrical work. U mean just test to see if it sparks or doesn't when the ground touch's the frame? and if it doesn't, than i can ground to the frame right?

No, I would take a voltmeter that is set up to measure Ohms. put one end on the frame where you want to make your new ground, and put the other on the ground side of the light (not the power!!!). In a perfect world there should be zero resistance between these two points. If you have a float scenario there may be 10-50 Ohms between the two. Try this with the bike off first to figure out which is ground and which is power from the light. This can be done with the bike off.

Good luck.

nah, u can ground to just about what ever they hell u want....frame, swing arm, bars, forks, engine, anything

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