Cheap tachometer

I too have been frustrated with the lack of instrumentation on my XR. I found this unit that looks to be in my future. It is a combination Tach and Hourmeter, and it is only $40. Booyeah. If someone beats me to it, let me know how it works for them.


Here are two that I found.

There was a guy selling these on eBay earlier this year. He had something like 180 of them and was blowing them out at ~$25 each. Keep checking eBay and scouring the net for deals and you may find them cheaper if you're looking for a better deal. I use it them for setting my idle speed and to keep track of maintenance. The units I have are from Sendec.

Have you seen the TMI hour meter tach's? They make various models and some are more advanced than others...

Check out Sendec as wel as they have basic units (806-10X) to more advanced units (i.e. Race Pro III) and units in between these.

Trailtech also has a computer that gives you speed, total distance, trip and there's a tachometer integrated as well, but I don't think this unit is released yet. Here's some links to check out... (video of their tach in operation)

i want a rpm guage

I have the sedec racepro III and it works great. It comes with 2 temperature sensors, one goes to the cylinder head (spark plug or head bolt) and the other can go for the oil or water temp. I ran mine to the oil pressure port on the bottom of the oil pump housing. The unit is light, is backlit and you can set the graph for any rpm scale. It is expensive however....

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