I have a chance to get a 2002 400 exc for $6700, is this a good price for this bike?

Dealer in my area wants $7099 for the 400 EXC and $7399 for the 520 EXC. That doesn't include the prep fee of $380 and sales tax. But this is for a California Green bike and things are at a premium here.

Anyone know of any better deals in California or abroad?

[ November 19, 2001: Message edited by: jschner ]

Anything below retail (plus tax and tags) is a good deal. As far an another $380 on top of "retail" for "prep" that's just "added dealer markup", I'd try to deal that away or go some where else.

I have purchased bikes for my US pals and frieghted it for them from Canada and saved them alot of cash. If you are interested in getting a bike from Canada email me for more info.

Just be aware that if you buy a bike from out of state(California) you probably will not get a green sticker. P

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