WR450 Electrical Problems

I have a 05 WR450 w/850 miles on it. when I first got the bike the battery seemed bad, but I never recharged it, I assumed that it was done correctly from the shop. Last weekend I lost total power and had to compression start it and keep the rev's up in order for the bike to stay running. I borrowed a battery from my friends WR450, my bike starts, but the tail light is very dim as well as the head light. I'm being told it could be my stator. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. I also want to know if you can get rid of the electric start and go back to "old school" and kick the dang thing and not have the battery and lights of course.


Seems WAY to new to have stator problems, I would buy a new battery for it. You'll like the e-start when it works, and you ever get lost and get back after dark?

How old is it? It comes with a 30 day warranty...

I'm into it 90 or so days. Going to take it to the shop in the morning to have them check the charging system I guess.

did u ever leave the ignition on, on accident?

No, not for an extended period of time.

Well I have news from the shop. They say that it's the RECTIFIER & REGULATOR ASSY Yahama part no. 5TJ-81960-80-00, the part ranges from 85 to 90 dollars and according to the Yahama shops around town it appears to be a common problem and they are not recalling the part.


I'm sorry to say but recalls are safety related. Yamaha and other manufacturers do not consider a dead battery a safety issue. nor the cause of the problem. :banghead:



I understand that and the battery doesn't bother me it the fact that the RECTIFIER & REGULATOR ASSY is whats bad and the local dealer knows it and has had to replace a number of these units.

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