Fuel range

I'm just about to take delivery of a very new second hand '02 400EXC. Wondering what sort of range (fuel economy) people are getting from their 400's? Have you seen a big difference between racing (enduro,cross country) to trail riding?

I can't speak to the 400, but I have a 520EXC and get about 35 miles of "race mode" trail riding per tankful. Dual-sport riding, you could get maybe 60 miles before hitting reserve.

Gidday - Trickster from Adelaide - I have a 520EXC and generally about 100kms riding really hard in tight sandy tracks or trail riding - about 150 maybe 160kms but have never pushed it - i ve gone 140 and still had just under a litre left.

Thanks Trickster, is that with the standard 8.5 litre tank?

I ride a 02 520.

On my last big trip, I had a bit of a accident, and nearly broke my wrist, so the following is what you can do if you are not pushing it.

Steady trailriding over mountain areas, I got 175km.

This was with tipping over the fuel tank and draining every last drop, and I fully ran out while rolling to the petrol station.

I then proceeded to put 9 litres in the stock tank. :)

I suppose it is all relevant on how hard you are going. That day, I used less than a TTR250.

I have a 2001 520 EXC, I get the same sort of range as Trickster, mine is standard except it has the SX exhaust tip and jetting to suit (didnt seem to make a difference trail riding, a bit thirstier when hard on the throttle - not ny much tho').


Beechworth, Vic - Oz

I have an 01 400exc and consitently get 100klm b4 switching to reserve. I mainly ride fairly tight and twisty stuff through the trees.

yep......thats with a standard tank - 8.5 litres

I have an '01 400 exc, getting about 15 mi/ gallon or about 35 miles per tank which is only 56 liter per tank. This is riding at race speeds in Southeastern woods, hills, tight trails....

I recently purchased an IMS larger capacity fuel tank--> 3.2 gallon....I have yet to try it though.....

my Wr runs the same carb as you boys. 39mm keihin MK1.

go check my signiture and then read on.

i did a three hour race on about 9 litres, never getting out of second. the week previously i had 15/50 gearing and i got even more.

out of a full 3 imp gal clarke tank i would expect to get a 4 hour ride at slow speeds.


My 520 EXC gets 26 to 30 miles a gal. depending on how I ride.

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