Just took delivery of a Euro spec 02 400 EXC

Anyone have guidelines for converting it into a 'normal' EXC from a performance point of view. The bike has the factory lighting kit with indicators, lights, horn etc which is going to come off ( anyone interested ? ) The throttle has a restrictor somewhere which only allows the throttle to open 1/3. It also has a 'grid' baffle spot-welded over the silencer opening. The bike sounds like a de-tuned XR 80 and pulls even worse. I know there's a jetting implication which I'll investigate. Anyone have experience with the conversion ?

If you remove the tank and look at the cam that the throttle cables are attached to,twist open throttle and look where the cam hits a screw.Simply turn out the screw untill the throttle opens completly.For the exhaust go to a dealer and buy the non-euro spec end cap.I need to know which needle is in the carb.The hot set up here in the States is OCEMN needle in #5 position 165 to 170 main,48 pilot,and fuel screw 1 to 1 1/2 turns out.

I'm interested in the street kit if it will work on an '01. email me at offroadr@hotmail.com


Thanks 400, I'll have a look at the needle and throttle tonight, they have provided a spare. As far as jetting goes, Johannesburg is at 5500 ft above sea. I guess that's close to Colorado altitudes ? How lean should I go at this height ?

Thanks again

That setting is good for 5000ft. Let me know what needles you have.

Hey 400jy, checked the spare needle and it's a OBDT M. I'll have to wait for the weekend to take the carb out and look at the jets and needle that have been fitted. I'll keep you posted.

I am interested in the Lights and everything for street legal off the bike. Please email me (rbraddock@earthlink.net) or call.

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