Stainless Screen Filters

Where can I buy the Stainless filters for my 520 EXC '02. Do they work as good as the paper filters?

I'm sure they work fine. I ran one in my YZ400 with no problems.

I looked into them for my 520 and would have bought them if I had not found paper filters for $10 a set. I also like the fact that I get a brand new filter every oil change this way! :)

I have been using Scotts stainless steel filters for a year or so and will give them a "thumbs up"-good quality, and filters well. They have already paid for themselves.

Trl Junkie, Where can I order these Scott Filters?


WeekEnder, they are not Scotts filters. They are K&P Engineering Stainless Steel Reusable Micronic Oil Filters and Scotts is one of many that sell them. Scotts sells them for $69.95 and TSI sells them for $59.95. I bought mine from Scotts before I was told about TSI. Like Chris some are getting the paper filters for $9 a set. Again it's a preference thing.

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I'm with Ret on this. Got mine from TSI and so far they've worked great and paid for themselves!

Sorry, I shoulda posted the url.

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