new problem with 520sx motor

after taking the advice from dstktmusa and finding the bolt off of the timing chain gear, my bike still seems to lock up when I turn it over with the kick starter, it only does it with the head cover in installed. I think it may have something to do with the valves hitting the piston but I don't know how to check it to verify that's what it is. The kmotor is still out of the bike.


check your personel messages....

I'll bet I know what the problem is!! It happen to me once when I was re-assembling a motor.If you tip the valve cover the rods that slide thru the rocker arms will slide out and move over towards the cam gear and get jammed. You have to make sure that after you install the valve cover that the two bolts on the right side of the valve cover go thru those rods. It is possible to install them without going thru the rods, because like I mentioned the rods can slide toward the cam gear. The best thing to do is prior to installing the bolts, look down the holes with a flash light and then line up the hole in the valve cover and the hole in the rod with a drift punch, then install the bolts.

Good Luck,and let us know what you find.

Thanks guy's, it turns out the tiing is a tooth or two off and the piston is hitting the intake valves. Does anyone know an easy way to fix this?



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