differences between 520sx and mx

I am ready to plunk down my hard-earned bux for a new 2002 520 but, I'm having a hard time deciding between an sx, mxc (or even an exc).

I will be riding mostly motocross with a few hare scrambles thrown in along the way, and maybe even a "fun" enduro or two. There will also be a lot of casual trail riding with my little ones.

Besides the e-button, can someone tell me the basic differences in suspension and gearing in an MX and an SX model?

I was told that the first 4 gears on the MX and the SX are the exact same. Is this true?

What about the suspension differences??


I cant tell you the differences but I can tell you this. I am currently racing the 520SX in GNCC and District Hare Scrambles and LOVE the 4 speed. I ride a lot of slower really bad rocky areas and I am always in 2nd or 3rd gear. I have the opportunity to get any of the 3, but the SX is my choice. The only thing I did is add the MXC tank which cost me $250. If you are near WV, come ride mine. I left a new 250F and a new 426F for this bike and I am glad. The 426 is still for sale and has only 6 hours on it.


Dis. 7 4 stroke "A" champ

I believe the 1st 4 gears are the same. Other stuff..no e-start for SX, but with the KTM you do not need it. They start so easy. No lighting coil on the SX, the MXC has everything but the lights (it is pre-wired for them). MXC has a big tank. I just got a used MXC tank for my EXC for $150.00 in great shape. The big diff is the suspension. The SX was upgraded this year. Bigger forks, and better shock for motocross. Either way, you will love it.

The differences are as follows:


Comes on the MXC and EXC


MXC - 6 speed, close ratio

SX - 4 speed, close ratio

EXC, 6 speed, wide ratio

Fuel Capacity:

MXC - 3.5 gallons

EXC - 2.3 gallons

SX - almost 2 gallons


MXC - 246 lbs

EXC - 246 lbs

SX - 236 lbs (because no e-starter, small tank)


MXC/EXC - Same

SX - Improved suspension from last year. Comes with 48MM front forks. All nearly works style.


EXC - comes with a headlight

EXC - supposed to be greensticker-able in the People's Republic of California

Bottom line:

MXC is IDEAL for offroad (desert style riding)

EXC is IDEAL for GNCC style riding

SX is IDEAL for motocross racing

They are all very versatile, they all are very fast, they all are excellent motorcycles.

I have the MXC because I ride in the desert a lot, but purchased the SX tank/seat for the motocross track (plus I get the e-starter)

Any choice will be a wise choice.


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My SX has 4 gears, not 5. Yes it starts easy and I really dont think the 1st 4 gears are the same with the SX. Because I have ridden the EXC and I am sure they are closer. My SX is almost untouchable in the open, like out in INDIANA during the GNCC.


According to the KTM manual, the SX and MX/C do have identical gearing for the first four gears.

The EX/C, however, does have very different gear ratios.

That explains it. Man, I cant imagine having a 5th on this thing. Where on this earth would you need it???? Interstate??

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