I stripped one of the allen bolts!!


Remember that when heating aluminum you need a lot of heat to increase the temp (high heat capacity). If you are using a propane torch I would think 5 minutes is the minimum time to get it good and warm. Also, you may need to drain the radiator to get it hot enough.


5 minutes???!!!! I think I did it for....maybe 30 seconds? I noticed the aluminum fins where not all that hot after i did it!! But i didn't want to risk heating it up to much.

Well, something to try tomorrow!

Just a caution on heating aluminum. Although it is unlikely that you would melt it, it is possible.

My concern is that, when it gets hot enough it sorta melts from behind and then just drips off, it can be difficult to tell when this about to happen. Depending on the torch you are using this could happen inside 5 minutes.

Like I said unlikely, if you are careful but I'd strongly suggest that if you have never done this before that you practice on some old alloy first so that you can observe it and learn.

My 2 cents..

Also, you may need to drain the radiator to get it hot enough.

what radiator? :banghead:

i dont know

That must be the most useful post I've seen in a while :applause::lol:

Could you please keep your 2 words post for yourself WR, you're kinda getting annoying :banghead:

This is not MSN

Here's another suggestion I remember reading on some obscure web page a while back. Get yourself one of those "Dries like steel" putty compounds (don't remember what they recommended, but I'd guess JB Weld or similar would work). Smear some into the stripped hole, then insert the hex key. After it dries, the key should be in tight. The only downside to this is that you loose the hex key (though you could cut it at the top of the bolt and just loose a bit of length). Good luck.

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