What is the best comunication

Another vote foe the Collett units. Very clear, no problem to just chat while you ride. Haven't had any trouble with them. Excellent way to give son advice while on the move.

Brandon check out this web site on collet. C what you think. :banghead:

Brandon check out this web site on collet. C what you think. :banghead:

Read my post about the mounting on the side of the helmet. I think it won't last on my helmet. I don't see another way to get the mic to the helmet.

If there is a mic extension where I could put in the camel pack then it would be alright. Has anybody had a problem with crashing and ripping it off, or by a tree? DT your son has to have one also, if he is not carefull dropping the helmet off his bike (at camp) might cost you another unit... :applause:


welllllll. Thanks for all the info fellas, i'm going to lean towards the collet system and se if i cant break some sh!t. Slider is so cool :banghead:

We have the chatterbox stuff also,it does a good job for us.Yes there is some wind issues and sometimes it will activate when you hit high rpm but all in all it's a good thing!With a family of four riding it's easy to get separated

and with the radios we can stay in touch!!

Well, the VOX (or voice operated mic) can be turned off and the mike operateod manually. I dont know if I'd like to engadge in chatter while trail riding. Mainly use it to call for help, locate lost rider(s) and talk back and forth at a stop when planning the route instead of yelling through helmets, over exhaust etc. I use it on my dual sport and its a clsed face helmet and idle chatter is great on the roads. the VOX works great, but if my visor is opened a bit, it will open the mic. The VOX is adjsutable for sensitivity also.

Which Mic do you have?

Also - How do these work off road??

I have a GMRS-X1 on my street helmet, but curious if it's worth putting on the Dirt Helmet.

I have my steet helmet and off road helmet both set up for my one radio. I just slide the radio on the other helmet. If you use it for off road, I'd swithc to manually operated mic (use when stopped and press on the side of the radio, but there is a remote thumb operated one for the handlebars, but is a pain becasue of the wiring) and if you wanted to use the VOX, just crank up the setting and maybe just kinda yell intot he mic. The mic I use is the set up for the full face helmet, part of the chatterbox kit.

forget chatterbox, collete makes the best unit (platinum 900) hands down. voice activated, low to none wind noise interference, and able to use your celly and mp3 player while riding! check it out: http://www.collett.mb.ca/


In all fairness, I know the chatterbox also has the cell phone feature too, not sure on the mp3 deal though.

I ride sweep in my club for the largest desert race in WA state. We have found the FRMS/GMRS radios up to 7 Watts work great. You can usually find any manufacturer that sells them with the "Madonna" headsets but the VOX function sucks because of background noise or the fact that you have to start talking for 3 seconds before it starts transmitting. Finding a set that has an easily found PTT button, (one that clips too your hydro pack h-strap), is the way to go. Motorolas seem to be a little tougher but more costly than the Midlands. These things are supposed to have a 12 mile range but it is still pretty much line of site. Amateur radio clubs have also given us a hard time for operating on the higher freq. without the FCC license.

If it is just for you and your kid in close range of each other, I would go for a less expensive FRS set with the PTT ear piece and boom mic. The ear peices with the wrap around ear clip thinngy majiggy are the best in terms of keeping the thing in your ear.

Best of luck from a fellow smart a$$.........:banghead:

I want to be able to talk to my 6yr old when riding so that i can teach him when to shift, for hills and such. He's a good rider but i switched him from a PW50 to CRF50. Now he has to shift and the brake is on his foot. Plus you don't have to yell as much or shut down all the time. :banghead:

Thanks. tried couple of different things when riding. Throat Mic's ( have to be shaved and not sweat), FRS with vox (sucked), i want something that stays on helmet when i take it off so i don't have to mess with unplugging from my camelback. :banghead:

My son always told me how much he liked me yelling........... :banghead:

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