Any LC4 owners?

Just had a chance to check out a LC4 in the special "6 day Enduro" paint scheme, sorta a Dark British Racing Green .... Gawd, it sure looked nice. Dealer's asking $7125.00 out the door. Is this a good price ?

I have no experience w/ KTM's but I was most empressed w/ the quality of the components and the fit and finish. How are the bikes for reliability? Parts availability? etc. Things to look out for? I'm comparing it to a DRZ 400S.



you are talking about what version of the KTm? trail or enduro (exc)? what year?

Ktm since 96 improved fiability. I've tried 96 lc4 and found it powerful ("the most powerful 96 enduro bike!!" - motoverde spanish magazine)stable but hard turning machine ! the new one just turns in a few inches and the power is progressive and strong when needed!!

have nice rides!! :)

It's a brand new for 2002. You can see it at the KTM website under models. It's called the Special Edition.


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