Wheel Spacers

Where is a good place to purchase good quality rear wheel spacers. Which brand is the best? Looks like the stock spacers are junk!

Thanks for your help.


The stock wheel spacers groove out real easy allowing mud and crap into the wheel bearing. I use the WER spacers and have had excellent luck with them. I got mine from Helmut Clasen for $55 CDN. Give him a call and have him ship some out to you.

I don't understand what is so junk about the stock spacers? Don't they just space the wheel? I can't see how someone can clasify something like that as junk. :)

ScottyR is right on. Get rid of the stockers right away and save yourself the cost of wheel bearings. Pack those wheel bearings while you're at it. You can pop the seals off and force grease in.

Ditto to jeb,

I got 1,100 miles on the stock Aluminum spacers before they were grooved so bad by the seals that the bearings caught a bad case of the "orange spooge" (rust bleed). I put on the WER steel spacers and have about 800 miles on them with no signs of grooving.

IMO, scrap the stock Aluminum spacers or check them every 100 miles to make sure you don't lose the wheel bearings.


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