Where to buy used XR650L

I am begining to look for a used XR650L in the $1500 to $2500 range. Where are the best places to look and what kind of bike can I expect in that dollar range :banghead:

I would like something that has not been modified yet or beat up. I do not want to travel a long distance from central Nebraska. Is this going to be a hard item to find?

Any help would be great :applause:

I would use the money as a down on a new one, look through the local Cycle Trader, online etc. You wont get much for 2k but for about 3-3.5k you can get a good bike. I bought mine like new, stock 1 owner with under 600mi for $4000. It was just a year old at the time :banghead:

Good luck and I am sure you will enjoy what you get, just be patient.

From what I have seen, they are hard to find in good shape.

Mines an 02 with 850 miles all stock. I can't seem to sell it here in MI.

We have tons of trails and back roads here to ride. But it's sandy and the BRP doesn't like sand much. The bike makes a good commuter and gets 55mpg on the highway.

Look for a good used one, you will save a ton of money.

I bought mine from a local dealer (in Portland, Oregon area) for $2500. It had 2700 miles and was in decent shape. I had been looking for several months. I was getting ready to shell out the cash for a new one but just happened to see this one. They didn't even have it ready to sell yet. I think the best thing to do is spread the word at all the local shops that you're looking for one and hopefully something will pop up. I tried the local paper and Cycle trader but there just isn't that many out there for sale. Just keeps you eyes open, and you'll find one.

sorry just wanted to get bronze membership :banghead:

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Screw the papers, or cycletrader. Do you have craislist in Nebraska with any traffic?

I looked daily for weeks before I found one I thought was a decent shape at a decent price

What is a craislist?

just hit craigslist, there are plenty. i flew to phenox az for mine and rode it home

to chattavegas, tn. after airfare and fuel i spent 3600 on my bike and had a n awsome trip!

just type craigslist and start picking the cities near you and type "xr650l" in the search bar, all the bikes for sale in that area will pop up. i would chec`k the more southern states first....there are about 20 650s in the atlanta area.

I would hope the OP found one by now since this was 3 years ago. I wouldn't have that kind of patience. I was getting frustrated waiting a month...


I would hope the OP found one by now since this was 3 years ago. I wouldn't have that kind of patience. I was getting frustrated waiting a month...


Old thread is old.

www.crazedlist.org lets you search multiple cities at once, letting you find that 2006 XR650L for $2500 that has 50 miles on it and was only ridden to and from an old lady to and from her nursing home.

How does a 3 year old post just pop up out of nowhere? :thumbsup:

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