Hebo Clutch & Baja Desings Kit

fershy i need your email address if you want the schematic


00WR, BD Dual Sport Kit, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada

Go buy a $6 oil filter wrench to use as a flywheel holder - I had the same problem trying to tighten the flywheel nut. I think it takes a 4" OD filter wrench.


I must have gotten lucky! The dealer installed mine for me before I took delivery on the bike. So far it works great. Don't have any experience with other kits. However I did have a few questions about the kit and BD did straighten them out over the phone. No problem !


I too have the space issue w/o the Baja kit.

You can dump the Acerbis guards for Enduro Engineering or Moose. They do not take up the same amt of space & have a better bend for clearance. Are you using the Black mini lever or the replacement aluminum lever?


I can think of two options. I have the hebo, but no DS kit. My last DS bike had a mirror thread on the light switch assembly. That's obviously not going to happen on the BD kit. I think there is an adapter that works on the stock clutck that replaces the open clamp with a mirror hole, but sorry I don't know who makes it. Seem to remember it $14. This is rigid hole, your Acerbis probably tilts (and sucks as a street mirror). In the past I used the IMS pivoting mirror adapter ($25)to tilt a "real" mirror toward the center for off-road so it wasn't destroyed. I worked great on street and the trail. BTW, the pivoting Ken Sean Designs mirrors SUCK!

See if the stock clutch C-clamp perch thingie bolts up the Hebo. If it does, just buy the aftermarket clutch pivot/mirror combo, wherever they are??

So maybe--from left to right..handguard/grip/BD switch/hebo+mirror combo/decomp/crossbar/handguard/kill switch/bar clamp. Or stick the kill over to the right. Damn, that's alot of crap on the bars! You may as well added heated grips, too :)


Please email me the pdf. mcarpent@uu.net

I'm considering planning and making my own kit over the next year.

Thanks for all the sugestions and comments. Unfortunately I decided it wasn't worth any further modifications, so I'm keeping my stock clutch lever and no juice for me.

mcarp - I've used the mirror pivots you mention, IMS sells them, don't know if they have them made or make them. They worked well but both pivots eventually wore out and they became extra luggage. The Acerbis mirrors are the best I've found. They are small and are easily moved out of the way. There only glaring sin would be the fact that you can't see anything in them :), no matter where you put them. But I like them. They meet the letter of the law, and that's all I'm interested in. Like most guys who license a dirt bike, I don't run on the Interstates very often. Save that for my streetbikes.

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