Breaking spokes

I am having trouble with breaking front spokes on my 400exc. I always end up with 1 or 2 broken after every ride. I check them religiously before evry ride and dont believe that I amovertightening them as I only nip them up. Does any one have any ideas?



Are they the same spokes you're breaking? Maybe your wheel is out of round? I'd take the wheel off and bring it to an expert.

I dont think they are the same spokes breking all the time, although I havent kept track of it up until now. The wheel has a very slight lateral runout.

Are the spokes breaking at the hub?Are they breaking on the disc side only? Is there an "A" stamped on the flared end of the spoke?

If you are breaking the "A" spokes, the only way to fix them are to replace them with aftermarket spokes like the heavy Buchanans,etc.

The heat treat is the culprit, and the rears break also, on the sprocket side.

Thanks for the replies,

Scoot my dealer has indirectly stated the same thing, aparently KTM are aware of the problem, but have elected to leave things as they are????



Both of my freinds KTMs have broken spokes. Rear wheel on the sproket side and front?. The spokes I saw looked like hydrogenenbrittlement. I know it's a long word but it happens when the hydrogen from the plating process causes cracking. The normal procedure is to bake the spokes in hot oil for 2 hours. It looks like they may have missed that step. I would buy spokes from White Bros..

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