Oil question

Hi folks,

i am a new 520 rider from germany. Nice forum here. I am not sure what kind of oil i should use. In my japanese 4 zylinders ( FZR 1000, VFR 750) i used the mobil 1 car oil. Yes i know about the friction modifiers that are used in those oils, but i had never any problems with a slipping clutch. So, why not using the same oil in the 520? Are there any erperiences in using synthetik car oils in thumpers like the KTM ?



Do not use any car oils whatsoever in the KTM. Use a good synthetic or mineral based motorcycle oil - it doesnt matter which one as long as you change it regularly and stick to the same one.


A number of people are using Mobil 1 in their bikes on the list with no problems. I'm not sure of the difference, but several stated they used either a 'green cap' or a 'red cap' type of Mobil 1 (not sure which). If you do a search you'll probably come up with the answer.


It's Mobil 1 with the red cap. The red cap signifies that it does not have any of the friction modifying agents that could be detrimental to your clutch.

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