Still confused on 520 sx vs mxc vs exc

I trail ride my SX all the time and love it. I had to put the MXC tank on of course. The chassis is light and nimble as well. Keep in mind that I am an "A" rider, NO. 7 in GNCC 4stroke "A" for the year and Dis. 7 4 stroke #1. My trail pace may be faster and the suspension set firmer but I have never in 12 years of racing 4 strokes found anything any better than this SX and I have had many of them. DRZ, YZF x 2, Husky 410 x 2 and so on.

Just my opinion.


A friend I ride with has the MXC and he had his suspension done by Factory Connection to be just soft enough for trails, but mostly for MX racing. He said it works pretty well for both. He took the MXC seat and tank off and put the SX seat and tank on it and bought a headlight and tail light for it (stator is already there). I have the EXC and I would not recommend it for MX. I guess it might be ok if the suspension was stiffened, but it dives on whoops pretty bad. Great in the rocks though!


The money is burning a hole in my pocket and I'm itchin to make the dive into a new 520.

I want to race some motocross but I still wanna plunk thru the trails with my friends. Will the MXC suffer on an MX track? I've heard that the suspension of the EXC just won't do the deed on an MX track.

I don't be expecting I'll be doing triples but I do see a few doubles and lots of table tops.

I like the specs on the new SX models but I don't wanna suffer when I'm just trailing around with my friends.

Can an MXC or an EXC be competitive on a motocross track?

Any and all advice is welcome!


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Originally posted by Leroy Shook:

I trail ride my SX all the time and love it.

Do you also motocross your SX or is it strickly trail riding?

Do you find yourself wishing for that 5th and 6th gear of the MXC?

How about the e-button when out tooling around on the trails... do you miss not having it on the SX?

The new 520 SX's have 48mm forks, 43mm for the MX/EXC - do these bigger forks help you or are they just for the go-fast, hot-shoe, supermen?

I broke my back (on a tank DRZ) this year so I'm still trying to get over the fear factor when jumping and,I want to make sure the new 520 will carry me safely and not squirrel out in the air.

Confused in Houston,


I think you'll be happy with any of the 520s.

I bought an '02 MX/C, and I love it.

However, I still have flashes of buyer's remorse.

Sometimes I think I should have gotten the SX for the suspension and lighter weight, since I've yet to use 5th or 6th gear. I also have twisted the forks numerous times from falls and I wonder if the 48mm tubes would stay straighter.

Then other times I think I should have got the EX/C because it is a green sticker bike in California, and the MX/C is not.

But most of the time I'm just happy with the bike.

The e-start is probably most beneficial after a fall when you have flooded the engine, since the SX is pretty easy to start in most situations.

Again, all of them are great bikes. If you're above 220 lbs, you should probably think about stiffer fork and shock springs for the EX/C or MX/C.

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I too was debating the options. I decided on a 520SX for the following reasons.....bigger forks, high speed shock adjustment, lighter weight, cheaper. I use the MXC tank for scrambles events, the SX seat does work with the MXC tank. but it hurts your butt.

I was worried about the starting, but i did my first scrambles on it this last weekend at berthoud, started on the first kick and I was fourth in to the first turn. I did watch a pro in front of me with an MXC hole shot with the e-button.

In the race I used 4th gear but was never wanting for more speed.

I do have head shake though and want to get a steering damper.

I love my 520 SX, i am 40+B rider, 200 lbs, 6'2" and i find the suspension too soft after riding a 2000 Honda CR250 with factory connection suspension.


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